Meet Our Creatress

Hey, I'm T'keyah! My intention is to empower you in supporting your body's natural healing process through the use of herbal remedies, nutritional education, and other wellness practices.

After healing my imbalances naturally, and sharing that process online, I moved to Jamaica to study traditional bush medicine in 2020. It has been so rewarding offering the same plant allies I use.

Thank you for investing in your health! You can learn more at the link below.

Wellness Resources

Meet Prive


Our Intention

ru.prive is a heart centered mission, an intentional and sustainable approach to wellness. A source of pure offerings from nature, carefully selected and handmade with the intention to help you support your body back to balance.

Our hope is to inspire you to return your being back to a balanced state with healing products, accessible resources and divine inspiration. Your body is designed to heal itself and these offerings are here to support you.

Nature Friendly

In an effort to maintain sustainability, each formula and all shippers are 100% recyclable and earth friendly. You're encouraged to reuse your padded shipping envelopes and poly mailers- *made from 100% recycled content.

Each of the ingredients we use are hand harvested and wildcrafted in Jamaica in order to preserve the plant communities and provide the most potency. This is the most sustainable way to offer these healing blends and superfoods to you. It is our priority to take care of this abundant and giving earth.

Our Name

ru.prive is pronounced "are you privy". Prive is a play on the word privy which comes from the Latin (privatus), meaning private. So to be prive is to be accurately informed with knowledge that most don't have access to. We're here to change that as it pertains to internal and external wellness. #getprive 


Thank you for your support and energy, we hope you benefit from our offerings and resources.