1:1 Wellness Consultation

35 Minute Session

True health involves more than the physical body. Your emotional well being is deeply connected to your physical health, and there is a reason your body is responding in the way it is. What lifestyle choices and patterns are impacting your health?

Together, we will uncover and address the root causes of the imbalances you experience. By identifying these underlying triggers, a personalized plan is created for long term healing. This is the time to ask your health related questions about womb wellness, hormone balance, food additions and substitutions for your unique needs, overall balance and vitality + more.

Although I am here to guide you, please understand that my goal is to empower you to deepen the connection with your internal guidance and feedback system. In short: I am here to send you back to yourself because your body is perfectly designed to keep you alive- we only need to assist it. Allow me to support you by scheduling your wellness consultation below!

Learn more about my healing journey and intentions here.

$78.00 USD