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Chew Stick Herbal Tooth Cleansing Powder

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Meet our NEW, Herbal Tooth Cleansing Powder, Chew Stick!

Cleanse, nourish and heal your mouth with our Jamaican Wildcrafted Herbal Chew Stick powder. This herbal tooth powder contains natural saponins which activate when mixed with water, creating a rich foam powerful enough to cut through plaque and brighten any smile. 


Jamaican Chew Stick (Gouania Lupuloides) is a wild climbing woody vine that is traditionally used by chewing on the bark and rubbing against the teeth to activate its cleansing properties. We simplified the process by grinding the Chew Stick to a powder, so everyone can enjoy this innovative "toothpaste", powered by nature. 

Peace of mind: This herbal tooth powder is non toxic with no additives or fillers. Never any fluoride, always clean.


Chew Stick Powder Benefits:

  • Antibacterial, antiseptic and whitening
  • Can prevent tooth decay, plaque and tartar
  • Strengthen and heal gums
  • May draw out heavy metals and toxins
  • Eliminates bad breath


Chew Stick has a slightly bitter taste, but not unpleasant. 

*Alkaline, Vegan, Wild harvested in Jamaica


Jamaican Chew Stick (Gouania Lupuloides)

How to use

To Use: Scoop chew stick powder onto wet toothbrush. Brush as normal with a bit of water to activate the cleansing foam. Rinse and repeat for your healthiest, freshest smile. Enjoy also as an oral rinse or tea!